What is individual water metering

Water meters have been around for a long time, and individual water metering is just the latest evolution of this technology. With individual water metering, each unit in a building has its own water meter, which measures the amount of water used by that unit. 

This can be especially useful for buildings with flats or units, as it allows tenants to get individual readings on the amount of water they are using. This allows them to keep track of their usage, and it also provides an incentive for tenants to conserve water.

The individual water meter can be especially useful in buildings with several units, like apartment buildings. For example, if a building has 20 apartments and no individual meters,then the landlord can only get a reading for the entire building. 

But if there are individual meters for each apartment, then the landlord can get readings for each individual unit, which can help him or her to identify any water conservation problems 

Another advantage of individual water metering is that it allows tenants to see how their water usage compares to that of their neighbours. This can be a useful tool for encouraging water conservation, as people are often more likely to conserve water if they know that they are using more than average or more than their neighbours.

Overall, individual water metering is a great way to track and monitor water usage in a building. It allows landlords and tenants to see how much water is being used and helps to identify any water conservation problems. It can also be a useful tool for encouraging water conservation.