Challenges Of Individual Water Metering

In the past, individual water meters have been expensive to install and operate. However, as home security systems become more affordable, individualised water meters may become a better option for those looking for a solution to their individual water usage needs 

While individualised metering offers some benefits, it also carries withit a set of challenges that may make it an unattractive option for individual households 

Here, we’ll take a look at individualised water meters and some of the possible issues with individual water metering.

Individualised Water Meters are Expensive to Install

One of the most obvious problems with individual water meters is their cost to have them installed. To individualise a water meter means to attach an individual identification tag to the unit, which can be expensive. The individualised water meters may range in price from $30 for something like a shower head metering device to more than $500 for full individualised fixtures 

Additionally, individualised water meters often need to be installed by plumbing professionals, adding to the overall cost of the installation.

Individualised Water Meters are Inaccurate

Individualised water meters can be inaccurate, particularly if they are not calibrated correctly. This means that a household’s water usage may be overestimated or underestimated, costing the individual more or less money than they should be paying for their water use.This inaccuracy can also lead to faulty utility bills, which may need to be disputed and corrected 

Individualised Water Meters only Measure Water Usage

Individualised water meters only measure the household’s individual water usage as the individual uses it. If someone within a household does not use water for some time, their individual meter won’t record any usage, which may skew the overall water usage for the household when the individual meter is eventually read. This can be problematic for households with large members, such as families with children, or for households who have a single individual using a high volume of water (such as a garden hose).

Individualised Water Meters are Subject to Tampering

Individualised water meters are also susceptible to tampering. If someone wants to use more water than they’re allotted, they could tamper with their individualised water meter in order to get around the system. This could lead to excess water usage and increased bills for the individual household 

Individualised water meters present some clear challenges that should be considered before making the switch to individualised water meters. Luckily, individualised water meters are not the only option for individual households looking to manage their individual water usage. There are other options that can be both more affordable and less susceptible to tampering.