The Installation Of Individual Water Meters At Your Property

The individual metering of water for apartment buildings is an important step in conservation. Installing individual water meters provides the ability to accurately measure individual water consumption, which allows users to become more conscious of their daily habits and can lead to them making significant changes that increase their water savings.

These individual meters are required by city code for new construction or building additions that will contain individual dwelling units, apartments or individual guest rooms. For existing buildings with individual meters for each apartment, the individual meters must be read on the same schedule as the master meter.

Employees of licensed plumbers are required to install the individual water meters in accordance with local plumbing codes and statutes while strictly following manufacturer’s instructions. It is important that individual meters are installed properly to avoid damage or excessive use on the individual units. Residents of apartment complexes should check with their landlords to ensure that individual water meters are properly installed.

The individual meters will be read by the local public works department, so it is necessary for residents to set up a billing account with them in order to accurately record individual water use.